Quick Tips
  • Check in daily after 1 pm, Check out is at 12 pm
  • Quiet Time 10 pm to 8 am
  • Speed Limit 10 mph
  • Back In Sites: Do Not Back RV Beyond Edge of Concrete Pad
  • Sites are to stay clutter-free. No storage under or around your RV
  • Only nice outdoor patio table & chairs, BBQ, 2-3 small well maintained plants, 1 small cooler, bike neatly parked. If it’s not on this list, please put it away. Thank-you
  • No tents, tarps, generators, laundry hanging outside, appliances, exercise equipment, fireworks, fires or fire pits
  • Keep grass area free from mowing obstruction; car dolly, rugs, mats, crates, satellite dish. Do not put stakes or items into the ground without permission
  • Registered Guests only may use the laundry & bath facilities. Cleanliness is essential, please clean up after yourself, don’t leave water on the floor
  • The Fire code prohibits parking on the street, do not park in any empty RV site
  • The camp guide map shows designated visitor parking or see office staff
  • ORS 433.35.870 Prohibits smoking within 10 feet of any building
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Please see that your kids are well behaved and respectful at all time
  • NO BIKE RIDING ON THE DOWNHILL AT ANYTIMEOregon state law requires helmets on 16 years & younger.
  • No skateboards, roller-blades, scooters, skates or other toys that are a hazard to moving RV’s, cars, trucks & people
  • No swimming, keep out of the flowerbeds & wetlands. Boat launch area located under bridge for Canoe’s and Kayak’s
  • No mechanical or fluid changes on vehicles, please
  • There are 4 Garbage and Recycle locations in Park
  • Your pet needs to be leashed at all times to be safe and keep the leash no longer than 6 feet. Don’t let your pet loose to wander the RV park.
  • If your pet poops, clean it up immediately. Don’t make someone else clean up after your pet! Don’t leave your pet outside alone.
  • Barking pets disturb others. Kennels, cages, & carriers are to be temporary & put away when not in use and kept off grass.
  • Please keep your pet safe & cared for! All service animals must have the proper paperwork.
  • We love your pets so please be a responsible pet owner! Local pet laws apply.
  • For insurance liability & safety concerns the following Dog Restrictions including any mix of applyPit Bulls (any type), Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman, Husky, Chow, Alaskan Malamute. For complete list of restrictions, please see office staff.
Oregon Health Code
  • Sewer hose connections must be threaded, air & water tight at all times.
  • The hose must be at an incline on a proper hose stand, not lying flat on the ground, so fluids flow & don’t collect.
  • Propane tanks must be secured to avoid tipping over, please use bungee cord or tank stand.
  • Please report any drippy / leaking water.
  • Please comply with Oregon State Fire Marshall, Oregon State Fire Code Chapter 30, OAR 31-010 and Washington County Heath Department.
Wintertime Guests
  • We winterize the water at every site with insulation & heaters.
  • You are responsible to winterize your water hose & connection.
  • Day after day of freezing weather even with insulation on your water hose could still cause freezing.
  • Turn the water off, unhook the water hose & put it away, please.
  • Any damage to the water connection caused by freezing hoses will be the responsibility of the guest.
After Hours / Late Arrivals
  • Reservations arriving after office hours will find a welcome packet on the door of the office including name, site number and pertinent information.
  • Arriving after hours without a reservation is permitted.  Please find a list of available sites on the clip board hanging on the office door.  Please register with office the next morning at 9 am.  Check out is by 12 Noon.  

Roamers Rest RV Park, llc

17585 Pacific Hwy (99W)

Tualatin, OR 97062

Office Open Daily at 9 am

(503) 692-6350